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Mommy Time Monday: Business Book Review

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Book review time. Let's talk business. Bridget Brennan is the CEO of Female Factor. She's made it her life's work to figure out why, how and where women spend their money. Her book Why She Buysshould be on the must read list for anyone in marketing, PR or advertising. Without reading this book, men are likely wasting time developing campaigns that don't speak to women.

Here's what Brennan tells us. According to her research 46% of moms (per the Marketing to Moms Coalition) feel that marketers are not doing a great job of reaching out to them. As a blogger, I think Brennan hits the nail on the head. Oh the time I squander deleting bone-headed pitches. For instance last summer I opened a package up to reveal self-tanning cream and a "wife beater's tee" (their words not mine). The pitch encouraged me to write about the Jersey Shore. C'mon guys that won't work for mom bloggers. A.) I'm hugely offended by that terminology B.) I don't write about TV very often. I bet it was a 25 year old dude who dreamed that one up. In essence, Brennan is telling anyone trying to market or sell moms to try on our shoes before launching into sales mode.

The book is packed with examples of campaigns that worked and statistics that tell us why there are so few effective marketing efforts.

  • 97% of CEOs are male
  • 90% of top advertising execs (creative directors) are male
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When brands do some homework they can put together campaigns such as Dove beauty and the awesome new tampon ads from Uby by Kotex.

See, it's not that hard to get a woman's attention. Brennan gives special attention to wooing bloggers. I like that she calls us "the sounding board for stories and advice along the journey of motherhood." And I appreciate that she encourages companies to woo us in the right way. Mom bloggers note--this is a terrific read if you want to get inside the mind of marketers that are trying to reach you.

And for brands, you better read this too. From Zappos to Lululemon, there are companies that "get" how moms shop and absorb advertising. The rest of you...well you better buy the book (Buy on Amazon $17.26)

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