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Oh how I adore my fellow blogging moms! I was tickled to chat with Beth fromRoleMommy today on BlogTalkRadio. We shared our views on conferences, blogging vs. magazines, and raising kids in the city. To see her upcoming guests go here. I love her work and admire how generous she is with the blogging community.

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Now that I am on the topic of generous bloggers, I want to give you links to two incredible resources. If you are building a brand or a blog, you need to know these two ladies. First, Stephanie from MetropolitanMama. She's been offering up information on picking a blogging conference and tips on how to write a spot-on product review. If you don't already subscribe, you should!

And my other bit of love goes to Kathleen at Katydid and Kid. Every Tuesday Kathleen holds Tech Tuesday--a great way to teach yourself some new blogging knowledge.

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