Additional Income For Bloggers


What's the difference between writing an article and blogging? Just a little mental elbow grease.

I wanted to share an opportunity with the Momtrends readers and fellow mommy bloggers. In addition to Momtrends I write articles for Associated Content. I get about $10 for each article they pick up (they need to be about 500 words) and then I get a bonus each time the article is clicked. It's not huge additional income, but it does get my work out there to new readers and I always link to my web site.

Here is a sample:

Top 10 Portable Changing Pads

Editing blog posts and turning them into articles doesn't take a whole lot of time. My ideas come right from my blog posts. While it isn't a huge income (I make about $35 a month between articles and bonuses), I do get quite a few hits on Momtrends from folks who read my work on AC. SO far more than 70,000 people have read my work on AC.

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