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This month Toys'??R'?Us launched an in-store and online fundraising campaign to benefit Autism Speaks, which will run through April 30. This is the 5th year Toys "R" us is teaming up to solve the autism puzzle '?? an epidemic that affects 1 in 67 children in the U.S. alone '?? this year'??s campaign will shine the spotlight on the true heroes of autism: children living with the disorder, their caregivers, and those who are helping to find the cause and cure of autism through the donation of time and money.

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To engage the virtual world and encourage donations to this cause, Toys'??R'?Us has developed an online microsite dedicated to Autism Speaks that includes a '??scrapbook'? featuring children achieving milestones, such as tying their shoes and riding a bicycle '?? simple tasks made difficult by autism. The website also features a video of a 9-year-old girl with autism, Jodi, playing the piano and singing heartwarming lyrics that she wrote about her everyday heroes. We love the list of ten toys that can help the kids on the Autism Spectrum.

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