Olive Us: Family on Film


Olive Us: Family on Film

Hurrah! @DesignMom just delivered quality family programming right into my in box. The project is called Olive Us. Gabrielle (aka DesignMom) teamed up with Tiger in a Jar to make a series of videos sharing a positive example of happy sibling relationships! Amen is all I can say. So much of the kiddie programing I see is full of entitled brats, squabbling siblings and snarky tweens.

Enough already. It's hard enough parenting in this multi-media world. Now there's a new--and might I add gorgeous--alternative. Olive Us is a series of short videos filmed in France (it's in English, don't worry) where Gabby and her brood of six kids plus husband are currently calling home.

The focus is on fun and family. This first video, GARDEN DAY, shows a day of playing in the dirt. Check it out:

You can subscribe to the series here http://oliveus.tv and it is sponsored by Pottery Barn Kids (kudos to them). I was able to ask Gabby a bit about the production and here's some brief Q & A about the project:

Where and when did you find time for this project?
It was shot in Normandy, France during the week of April 16-20. About a month ago exactly!

How many episodes can we expect?
The first season has 8 episodes, plus some bonus episodes like a blooper reel and a behind the scenes look. There will be new videos episodes every week through July. Then in August we'll share previews of Season 2.

If you subscribe what happens?
Great question! If you subscribe at http://oliveus.tv , you'll receive an email each time a new episode is published. And I'll be posting the videos on Design Mom (http://designmom.com) too.

Why have you given this gift to your fans?
I'm glad you think it's a gift to my readers. Thank you! It actually started because we wanted a fun project we could all work on together as a family. And then as we worked on it, we wondered: if we model helpful, kind relationships in videos, will we learn to have better real-life relationships? We hope it works! We're big believers in the power of a really vivid portrait or example or model to follow. Here's a video where my husband, Ben Blair, speaks a little about the aims of the series:http://oliveus.tv/the-series-aims/

Olive Us will be publishing new episodes each week through June. Visit the main site for more details and fun http://oliveus.tv

Momtrends was not paid for this post. Photos and videos courtesy of DesignMom.com

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