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Momtrends' 4th Anniversary

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This month we celebrate four years of blogging about parenting and style. It's not just me hunting down things trendy and cool anymore. Now I've got a team of contributors helping me spot and report on trends. As we've grown, we've honed our voice. The more we post about fashion and style, the higher our numbers go (point taken). What else works? Posts about building a business/blog. We promise to bring you more news on things blog-related. But before we race off on the hunt for the next "must-have" or "can't live without" I'm taking a moment to share four things of which I'm incredibly proud:


Our Payroll. We've built a business that supports other moms. Between our part-time employees, freelancers and moms that have joined our blogger outreach program we have written checks to 15 women this year for a total of more than $10,000. Our mission statement: Your words and your blogs are valuable. We won't ask you to review things for a chance to win a $25 Amazon card. Ever. Furthermore, we won't ask you to contribute to Momtrends for "great experience and exposure."

Momtrends Event Picture

Our Events. We started with BlogHer and built from there. In January, I hired the exceptionally talented Sherri Schubert. We now put on at least one event per month and the buzz is amazing. What you'll find at our events: networking, style tips, business advice and fun. What you won't? We'll never charge our guests, and we'll never give you a hard sell. Come. Learn. Be fabulous. That's all we require.

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Our Marketing Partners. It's been a struggle to convince brands that mainstream media cannot compare to marketing directly to the Momtrends community. Slowly, slowly they've come around. I attribute our success to the creativity and persistence of our Marketing Manager, Brooke Stewart. She dreams up ways to bring the best brands into the fold. For those of you who still "don't have any budget" for blogs--be prepared to get lost in the wilderness. Targeted advertising is a powerful model.


Our Friendships. It's been said mom bloggers are ruthless and catty. Hogwash. From the trailblazers like Liz and Kristen at, to the fresh voices that have popped up on the scene such as Sarah from StrollerBallet, I'm consistently inspired by my peers.

No one succeeds alone. Friends have been there for me all along the way providing contacts (thanks Vera, Nancy, etc.), comments and commiseration. It's been a joy being supported by these women and in return watching my friends experience their own shining moments. I'm especially excited about my new partners at In Alison and Andrea, I've found partners that share my professional standards and drive and can't wait to see where we take this venture.

Blogging moms are creative, outspoken and rarely dull. If you haven't found a community where you fit in--keep looking. The space is vast to be sure, but there are gems to be discovered out there. And if you've got an anniversary coming up, look back reflect and take joy in how far you've come. Cheers!


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