IFB Conference Recap


Sometimes you've got to step out of the box. For me that meant stepping out of my comfort zone of hobnobbing with my NYC mom blog pals or attending a social media conference where I know a ton of people (Blogher anyone?) to spend a day with the 20 somethings we are setting the world of social media on fire on their fashion blogs.


I headed to MILK studios today for the IFB conference. What did I see? A lot of neon, leopard print, high heels, fabulous bags and the buzz of a room fill of inspiration and creative energy. Case in point, this adorable blogger, Mary from MAS-fashion.com with her Cambridge Satchel. I don't think she's been through 3 careers, kids and a biz launch. But she sure looks terrific!


IFB put together a stellar list of panelist, and for a newbie or a fashion gawker this was the place to be. But for someone who's been banging away on blogs since 2006, well, there wasn't much new information to scoop up. And if I may take a minute to sound old and cranky, where were the seats. It was SRO--nice for a Florence + the Machine concert, not so nice for a 7 hr conference. My advice--move to a bigger venue and set up so break out sessions.


When I heard the advice that twitter was a great place to amplify your posts, well I pretty much knew that I wasn't going to see a shifting landscape appear at this conference. That's not to say I didn't have fun. I got to sneak off to a power lunch with Jill to talk about our big plans for the momblogosphere. And we had fun running into Angela a regular contributor to Monday Mingle (check out her site here http://delayedmissives.com/) and trying on the new collection from JBrand. If you want to RT this tweet I might even score some clothes from the new ready-to-wear line.


It was nice to take a day off from conference calls and strategy meetings. I loved seeing what everyone was wearing and I got a ton of new inspirational sites to visit (check out www.wendyslookbook.com and www.styleandpepperblog.com) and folks to follow (@corporette and @tomandlorenzo). Sometimes just getting out of your comfort zone is a great way to shake things up. It was a fun way to kick off fashion week and I have to say, IFB provided one of the sickest goody bags I've ever seen. Need proof? Check out this new laptop clutch from Asos.


Would I go next year? Unlikely. But it was sure a day full of visual delight.

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