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Happy Anniversary Momtrends

Mom Boss: Balancing Entrepreneurship, Kids & Success

Want to know what I learned about being a Mom Boss and running this business for the past 10 years? Get the book>> Mom Boss: Balancing Entrepreneurship, Kids & Success. Happy Anniversary Momtrends I'm thrilled to celebrate success and try to model it for other entrepreneurs.

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This week I celebrate 5 years of bringing fashion and style to the blogosphere. What started as a little "mommy blog" has turned into a business that supports three full time employees (all moms who can work from home thanks to my flexible management style--meaning if you get the job done I don't care when you do it) and has been a must-read for chic moms everywhere. Yes, we love our readers in Dubai and Sydney.

Anniversaries are always a perfect time for reflection and celebration. First, looking back I want to thank the two sites that were largely responsible for my success. I was one of the first writers for That site has gone on to be scooped up by Disney for a tidy sum--but before then I was writing reviews and features amassing contacts and experience along the way. Invaluable and worth the low salary. I was also putting in time with Time Out New York Kids. The editors there gave me the chance to get out and about in NYC encouraging my inquisitiveness--that's paid off big time with Momtrends. I hope my freelancers (all 12 of them!) are getting the same sort of spark from the MomTrends assignments.


Thanks to those two sites I had a plethora of pitches that didn't get accepted. Brimming with ideas too good to let go (or so I thought). MomTrends was born. It was a tiny blogspot site at the beginning full of reviews and recommendations. Never have I focused on my girls (sorry we're too private for that). No, I'm not the world's worst photographer all those cropped pictures and headless bodies are intentional. Amazingly that neither girl was actually alive before the site went live in April 2007--but the site would have never happened without them.

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Around 2009, I wised up and bought the URL for a whopping $800. It was a big investment in the brand, looking back now it's probably the best money I've spent. There have been a few redesigns and in 2011 we went over to WordPress. Now our Managing Editor and a group of tireless freelancers drive the site. I only write about 25% of the content--freeing me up for speaking engagements, TV segments and other creative projects.

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In 2010 we launched our popular event series. Rather than compete with companies that were hosting events for new moms, we went after what we do best--influencing the influencers. The MomTrends Event series is booked through the remainder of the year. It turns out brands can't wait to meet the editors we are lucky to call friends.


The big trend for 2012 is video'??some traditional in the form of TV segments and a whole lot more via YouTube. Seeing the trends is just as important as reading about them.

What stands out over the last five years? The people. I don't know many who can claim to have the deep bonds I've connected in other careers. I'm truly blessed by the caliber of people at the MomTrends team and those editors that I call my peers. Oh and I certainly have gotten a kick out of some of my assignments. The Olympics, BlogHer bashes, and runway walks life is never dull.


What am I most proud of? The way the site makes moms feel positive about this current stage of life. Motherhood isn't an ending; it's just a beginning. So here's to the next 5-10-20. Last night my 6 year-old told me she wants to work at MomTrends when she grows up. Cheers to that!

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