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Christy Turlington Burns Celebrates Sudanese Independence


Christy Turlington Burns has been scaling up her efforts to provide global maternal health coverage. After the release of her first documentary, the supermodel and health advocate has become even more engaged in the issues.

This year she launched, Every Mother Counts, a campaign to increase awareness about global maternal deaths. Through Every Mother Counts she provides US moms with ways to get directly engaged on the issue and are focusing on the hardest hit countries in the world. South Sudan is one of them and just this month Sudan became an independent state.

Sudan (as we formerly knew it) was already one of the most dangerous places for a woman to give birth- with the southern part of Sudan disproportionately burdened. In 2007, the UN reported that rates of pregnancy-related deaths in south Sudan are the highest in the world. The New York Times reported this past week that a 15-year-old girl in South Sudan has a higher chance of dying in childbirth than she does of finishing primary school.

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This week, Every Mother Counts will be kicking off a 2 week push to raise $18,000 to send a 40 foot container filled with unused medical equipment and supplies to the new Republic of South Sudan for a facility located in Goli.

A clinic was built there fairly recently but funds ran out before it could be properly equipped. The funds raised will go toward shipping costs to get the container to Goli where they will be put to good use. To donate head to this Crowdrise page.

And if a donation doesn't work with your budget, consider spreading the news with a tweet. The following are a few tweetables that will help get the word out:
'?¢ In honor of #SouthSudan independence, lets send med equip &
supplies 2 a clinic in need. @everymomcounts Pls
'?¢ Send a "happy independence" gift 2 #SouthSudan- help equip
#healthworkers 2 save moms @everymomcounts Pls
'?¢ Cant think what 2 give #SouthSudan as an independence gift?
How about safe deliveries & health?
@everymomcounts Pls RT

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