Zoo Babies: Beary Cute Styles for Your Littlest Animals


Behold the very rare (and very adorable!) two-headed Panda. (Or would you consider her three-headed?) Either way, I just want to snuggle those funny little faces...

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When it comes to infant apparel, there's one universal theme that transcends time, style, and gender: zoo animals! It's hard to resist a tiny onesie with an adorable giraffe print or a pair of baby pajamas with a silly smiley faced monkey. After all, our little love-bugs aren't so different than the zaniest of zoo animals—they're sweet from a distance and ferocious in person. (Ha!) And don't even get me started on the similar nocturnal habits!

I've rounded up a few absolutely precious animal-inspired outfits for you cuddly, cute creatures... And don't worry, exhausted zookeeper mamas— it's T-minus 8 hours until you get put your wild little tigers in their cages cribs for the night!

1. Rhino Set, $20/ 2. Pink Giraffe Set, $10/ 3. molo Fair Romper, $50/ 4. Bear Outfit, $22/ 5. Monkey Footie PJs, $16/ 6. Tiger Set, $26/ 7. Monkey Hat and Mittens, $6/ 8. Panda Bodysuit, $10

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