Toy Tuesday: Tiny Love Double-Sided Crib Toy

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During the day, this Tiny Love double-sided crib toy keeps Baby entertained with colorful pictures, knobs, buttons, and music. It stimulates Baby’s senses and encourages fine-motor development. (And, take it from this sleep-deprived mama, it’s a great option to keep infants engaged during the wee early hours of the morning—when you desperately want just five more minutes of sleep!)

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And then, at night, you can flip it over to help your little one relax. Calming music and twinkling lights help set the bedtime scene. We’re working on getting my sweet girl to self soothe and get herself to sleep ( it’s been a challenge!)—and this definitely helps to winds her down after a long and active day! (Now if only it could rock her to sleep…. A mom can dream.)

This is not a sponsored post. We were given samples for review. All opinions are our own.

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