Toy Tuesday: EXPLODING KITTENS—A Card Game for Grownups

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This game is not—I repeat—not for kids.

It’s for YOU, mama. So pour a glass of wine and get ready to laugh. (A grownup game night is good for the soul.)

Yes, we’re devoting

this morning’s Toy Tuesday post to a hilarious (and somewhat inappropriate) game for adults. It’s Exploding Kittens! (Meow! Ka-Pow!)

Crated by veterans from Xbox, Marvel, ARGs, and The Oatmeal, it’s no surprise that Exploding Kittens became the most-backed game in Kickstarter history.

It’s basically Russian Roulette—except with kittens. That explode.

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Step 1. Keep cards face down and take turns drawing from them.

Step 2. Draw a kitten card, and you explode. You’re out.

BUT. If you have a “defuse card,” you can save yourself and that poor little kitty.

There are other cards that help you play strategically—“skip your turn,” “peek at the deck,” “attack other players,” and even “secretly relocate the exploding kittens” (a diabolical move which can sabotage your enemy’s future moves!)

Sounds simple enough, but the game can actually become rather strategic. Plus, the longer the game goes on, the more heated things become and the greater chance of MEOW! KA-POW! EXPLODING KITTENS!

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And while this might sound acceptable for a big kid, allow me to warn you. The graphics are crazily comedic, horrifically hilarious, and totally risque. It’s potty humor meets adult humor meets whose-brain-even-goes-there?!? humor. (My three year old somehow got into the box, and —eeks!— laughed his face off. It made for some not-so-cute and cringe-worthy chitchat though. Oops!)

Yeah, this Toy Tuesday is not good for the wee ones. But it IS great for those with immature attitudes and a need to blow off steam. And an ample supply of wine. (EXPLODING KITTENS!)

Buy Exploding Kittens HERE.

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