Toy Tuesday: Building, Creating, and Playing With Tegu Blocks

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"Mommy. Not all art has to 'look' like something."

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And just like that I was schooled—by my toddler.

Yes, that was his articulate response when I asked him if he had built a train or a jet or a rocket or a speed boat with his new Tegu blocks.

"No, mom. Sometimes art is just... art."

Wow. My little philosophical dude—wise beyond his three years.

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Grant loves his building blocks—so I was excited to give him his first Tegu set. And he was pretty pumped when he saw the colorful blocks of varying shapes, lengths, and sizes. It only took him a minute to realize these blocks were different—they're wooden with magnets inside. Meaning, he can use balance, gravity, boundless creativity, and, yes, those amazing magnets to create totally unique designs. "These are cool, Mom."

Yeah, buddy, I know...

I was first introduced to Tegu blocks four years ago at a coffee shop. Each table at the trendy Connecticut café had its own set—and I sipped my latté and happily lost myself in creative play for a full forty twenty minutes. I left feeling like a new person. (We could also use a little more free play in our lives!)

Grant got the Classic 24-piece set in Sunset, and there are various suggested "models" he can attempt to create—a moose, a dragon, antelopes, a buffalo and even "Skier Steve." But, as my big boy so brilliantly put it, you can also "just build to build." In addition to his abstract creations, he did set up a whole playground scene. He called me into the room and I was amazed. I could instantly identify the slide, the seesaw, and the monkey bars. "And those are the swings and the rock climbing wall," he told me.

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The possibilities really are endless with Tegu. You can make just about anything... or, you can just play. There are no rules and no right or wrong answer—a lesson I relearned thanks to my little genius and his new Tegu blocks.

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This is not a sponsored post. We were given a sample for review. All opinions are our own.

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