The UviCube: Say Bye-Bye to Bacteria, Baby!


When my firstborn would drop his binky on the floor, I’d practically go through a three-step sanitation process before popping the pacifier back in his precious little mouth... I’d clean every new toy thoroughly with hot water and organic cleanser before he so much as touched it... And, without fail, baths were taken every. single. night.

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To say that I’ve lightened up with my second child would be an understatement. I’ve learned to go with the flow. That’s not to say that I don’t bug out when I find my cell phone in her mouth (the germs! the bacteria!). But if her binky finds its way to the floor at 3 AM? You better believe I’m gonna give that thing a quick wipe-off and get back to bed! And daily baths? Bwahaha! Make that weekly...

Of course, I still try to thoroughly clean items she puts in her mouth--bottles, sippy-cups, teethers, toys, remote controls... Hey, she's teething! If she can naw on it, it's fair game.


Enter the UviCube! A next-generation cleaning system, the UviCube uses Ultra Violet light to sanitize everything from bottles and pacifiers to remote controls, keys, and mobile phones. It safely eliminates 99% of harmful bacteria.

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If this product had been around when I had my first baby, I probably would have "Uvi-Cubed" everything in sight!

Check out our full video review below, and shop for the UviCube HERE.

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