Thanksgiving Outfits for Kids


I see a big hole in the holiday fashion market. There are plenty of Christmas outfits for children and loads of Halloween options, but a very small slew of Thanksgiving-themed attire. Sure, you can find one or two styles for your wild little turkeys, but the pickings can be super slim--and, let me just tell you, hard to find. (I should know I've been on the hunt all season long--to limited avail!) Lucky for you, I have done the digging and the searching and the shopping on your behalf and, indeed, found a few fun and festive fashion finds for babies, toddlers, and children of all ages.

Of course, don't even get me started on Thanksgiving pajamas. After much research, I finally found a few pairs here and here! This year, I'll be dressing my little people in PJs the night before Thanksgiving (for our annual book reading!), and then we'll be donning some "Eat Pizza" tees. (I can't resist a good holiday outfit!)

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  1. Personalized Turkey Tee, $38 / 2. "I Am Thankful" Tee, $4 / 3. Annual Turkey Bowl Tee, $6 / 4. Turkey Football Outfit, $33 / 5. Thanksgiving Bow-Tie Set, $12 / 6. Turkey Tutu Outfit, $25 / 7. "Eat Pizza" Tee, $4 /8. Turkey Football Tee, $29 / 9. Turkey Pilgrim Outfit, $11 / 10. Brown and Orange Turkey Outfit, $25

I've rounded up a few cute picks for your kiddos too. There's still time to get these before next Thursday! Find these in stores or opt for expedited shipping (#worthit for the Inta opp!) Don't thank me now. You can add me to your gratitude list later next week...

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