Taking Baby's Temp With the Kinsa Elmo Ear Thermometer

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Shoving a thermometer in a squirming toddler's ear is no fun. For anyone. But it's especially (and also literally) painful when your little one has an ear infection. Poor little muffins.

But taking a babe's temperature just got a little simpler (and a whole lot cuter) with the help of Elmo and Kinsa.

Kinsa’s new Sesame Street Smart Ear Thermometer syncs up to an app that features Elmo’s voice, making temperature-taking easier for parents and more enjoyable for children. Kids can help parents select their symptoms (displayed by emojis), and Elmo will vocalize those symptoms and offer words of sympathy.

Better yet, the Kinsa thermometer doesn't require a cover and reads temperature in one second flat.

Check out our full video review, below!


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