Shady Characters: Cute Sunglasses for Kids


(A little bit John Lennon--a whole lot of cuteness.)

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I'm happy to say that after two years, my little guy has finally stopped fighting me—at least when it comes to accessories... He used to rip off sporty hats, remove charming clip-on ties, and refuse any shoes other than his favorite light-up Velcro sneakers. Oh, and sunglasses? They were apparently the worst of all evils.But, suddenly—just in time for summer, he's decided that rimmed hats and stylish shades are—what do you know—okay after all! Phew!

I'm excited to get this cool dude some new functional and fashionable summer gear. He's always complaining that the "sun is in mah eyeballs, Mommy!" and a new pair of sunnies will certainly help solve that perpetual problem.

(Stop and smell the roses... or tulips.)

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These super-cute pint-size sunglasses are the result of an exclusive collaboration between Sons + Daughters and the brand new kid-centric shopping site, (Seriously, click on over there—they've got THE chicest, cutest, most ridiculously cool clothes for children--and moms too!) The limited-edition shades are inspired by the MiniMode signature gold-crown. With mirrored metallic lenses, trendy frames, and 100 percent UV protection, they're the season's must-have accessory... for the four to 12 set.

Sons + Daughters X Minimode Limited Edition Clark Gold Sunglasses, $100/ Sons + Daughters X Minimode Limited-Edition Clark Silver Sunglasses, $100

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With the mercury rising and the sun shining, we've rounded up 12 more picks that are perfect for babies, toddlers, and kids of all ages. From the practical to the whimsical (that pink pineapple pair!), these sunnies will certainly make summertime even brighter.

1. Polarized Babiators, $45/ 2. Gap Pineapple Sunglasses, $10/ 3. Gap Heart Sunglasses, $10 /4. Honest x Knockaround Sunglasses, $13/ 5. Old Navy Striped Frame Sunglasses, $6/ 6. J.Crew Clear Sunnies, $25/ 7. Janie and Jack Rose-Tinted Sunglasses, $14/ 8. Old Navy Patterned Sunglasses, $6/ 9. Gap Star Sunglasses, $10/ 10. Gap Fish Sunglasses, $10/ 11. Old Navy Floral Frame Sunglasses, $4/ 12. PBKids Sunglasses, $15

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P.S. His ridiculously cute "Quack" shirt is from Le Top, of course. (Love it!)

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