Savor the Little Things With the Library: Baby Edition Keepsake Box


The first few days and weeks and months after Baby’s big arrival are difficult and daunting for a new mom. It’s hard enough to track sleep schedules (or lack thereof), mealtimes, bowel movements (yes, I went there), tummy time sessions, and everything in between. Filing away mementos and keepsakes is one of those things we always mean to do, but never seem to accomplish.

For the longest time, I still had BOTH of my babies’ newborn hospital cap in a magazine holder that also housed important documents like birth certificates, and sentimental cards. And just about everything else I didn’t want to risk losing. But nothing was organized or filed away in any practical or smart way.

That’s where the Library: Baby Edition Keepsake Box ($80) from Savor comes in. I comes with over 50 illustrated pre-categorized labels so you can organize and customize your box. Eight vertical files are great for letters, ultrasound printouts, medical records, and more., There are even 9 drawers to protect baby shoes, locks of hair, first teeth, layette pieces, and more.

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Now all of those precious keepsakes have a designated place… And I can look through the box whenever I please—and savor every single item and memory.

This is not a sponsored post. We were given a sample for review. All opinions are our own.

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