Saturday Sips: Welcome Spring With Bright Citrus Flavors

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I'm addicted to sparkling water... and flavored sparkling water... and, you guessed it, cocktails made with sparkling water.

When I learned that VOSS was launching two new bubbly flavors: Tangerine Lemongrass and Lemon Cucumber, I couldn't wait to sip them straight from that signature glass bottle and, of course, mix up some light, bright, and flavorful adult beverages.

The Tangerine Lemongrass water boasts the perfect balance between sweet citrus and tangy lemon with earthy undertones; and the Lemon Cucumber packs a pucker-worthy punch before the mellow cucumber flavor lingers. They are both refreshing, revitalizing, and delightful on their own. But, add a little booze and you've got yourself a Saturday Sip that you'll most definitely be drinking through spring and all the way to summer.

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I'm simple. I preferred to mix both VOSS sparkling waters with vodka. Easy and effervescent. I enjoy more soda than vodka--so I used two parts VOSS Sparkling Tangerine Lemongrass with one part ice-cold vodka. I then added ice cubes and served with a little orange peel. Meet the "Tangerine Tango"-- it doesn't get simpler.

Even better, I added to a glass: ice, one part cold vodka, two-parks Lemon Cucumber sparkling water, and a splash of ginger ale. I served with a strawberry. This will be my signature cocktail this season--sunning by the pool, sitting on the beach, and relaxing on a lounge chair with my "Spiked Spa Sipper" in hand.

Of course, if you're more of an adventurous type (with more serious mixology skills), you might want to try one of these recipes provided by VOSS.

  • Refresh Sparkler:6 ounces gin, 1 can of dry cucumber soda, thin slice of cucumber (or 4 small slices), 2 wedges of lime. Top off with flavored sparkling Lemon Cucumber. Serves 2.
  • South Side Fizz:1 slice of orange, 1 slice of lemon, 12 mint leaves, 1/4 ounce gin, 1/4 ounce Cointreau and top off with flavored sparkling Lemon Cucumber. Serves 1.
  • Bourbon Sparkler: 2 ounces bourbon, 1 1/2 tangerine juice, 1/2 ounce meyer lemon juice and top off with flavored sparkling Tangerine Lemongrass. Serves 1.
  • Campari Spritz: 2 ounces Campari, 4 ounces flavored sparkling Tangerine Lemongrass, garnish with orange, all over crushed ice. Serves 2.

 This is not a sponsored post. We were given samples for review. All opinions are our own.

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