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Safe Fun in the Sun With Blue Lizard

My babies are as fair-skinned as they get. No surprise there—both my husband and I are one of two shades at all times: pasty white or bright red. There's no in-between. We burn, and we burn fast. (Sorry, kiddos, but a sun-kissed glow is not in either one of your futures.)

Yes, the hubs and I used to be a bit lackadaisical about sunscreen. We’d apply it once and then forget, or even purposely skip round two with the sliver of hope that “maybe this time we’ll actually look bronzed and beautiful!” Spoiler alert: That never happened.

Nowadays, there’s so much more at stake with two little ones at home, and we're extremely cautious when it comes to sun exposure and skin protection. We're diligent about applying SPF 30+ at the beach, on the playground, and by the pool.

But finding the right product for my family was not an easy task. Traditional sunscreens are loaded with some seriously dubious, and frankly, very scary chemical ingredients. I wanted a product that was effective, but also mild, safe, and sensitive. (How could that be too much to ask for?)

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Enter Blue Lizard... The brand’s Baby and Sensitive formulas are both paraben-free, chemical-free, and fragrance-free. Mineral-based with Zinc Oxide, these personal-care products are made with the highest quality ingredients. It's no wonder the brand is nationally recognized and highly recommended by pediatricians, dermatologists, and pharmacists.

Blue Lizard was originally created in Australia, where sunscreen standards are the strictest in the world (because they know a thing or two about sun down under!) Better yet, the Environmental Working Group has ranked Blue Lizard as one of the top sunscreens for families.

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I can't say enough about the Baby, Sensitive, and Face formulas. They're gentle, go on smoothly, and don't feel greasy or heavy. The Face formula is oil-free—which means no sweaty breakouts for me! The Sports Formula is great for active kids and adults too. It's extremely water resistant, so it holds up in the ocean, on the soccer field, and beyond.

Blue Lizard has a permanent home in my beach bag. And I’ll never “forget” to reapply, as the patented BPA-free Smart Bottle changes color when exposed to harmful UV rays. It's a friendly little reminder... not that I need one—my family's skin safety is always top of mind!

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