Reroute Santa—Make Sure the Big Guy Knows Where You'll Be on Christmas

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Christmas Eve has always been a bit chaotic for my family. Super-fun and exciting, but crazy, hectic, and crowded nevertheless. We celebrate at my parents' home, and they tend to go big. Lots of food, tons of people, late hours, and amped up volume. It's a blast, but it's the furthest thing from a "silent night."

Since my husband and I have had a super busy and exhausting few months, we decided that we wanted to do something calmer and more peaceful this year on Dec. 24. We wanted to do something special for our little family of four (not that we don't love all our relatives and friends!). And, so, with visions of room service dancing in our heads, we booked a fancy hotel suite in New York City for the night. We made dinner reservations, we made plans to see the tree, and we even purchased a 4-foot fake fir to decorate deck out our room for the evening.

We kept this plan a secret for a while, and just told my four year old son earlier this week of our plan for a super-magical Manhattan Christmas. I thought he'd be elated, but his reaction was pure radio silence. He looked confused and worried, and I asked him what was wrong... "It's just, how will Santa find us?," he asked, his voice quivering and cracking with concern.

"He'll just know. He's Santa. Don't you fret" He looked at me dubiously.

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Fortunately, I discovered just a few days later, and my little guy's fears were immediately put to rest. This adorable site, created by, enables kid to send Santa a quick heads-up FYI that they won't be home on Christmas Eve, and enables them to provide a forwarding address. All you have to do is tell Santa your name, your home town, and your destination, and the jolly big guy will confirm he's received the message via a super official electronic letter.

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Grant and I sat down with my laptop, and in less than two minutes, Santa let us know that we had successfully rerouted him for the night. (If only USPS was so efficient)

Of course, the best laid plans... My littlest broke her femur this past weekend and is now stuck in a super-intense immobilizing cast. She needs a lot of rest and relaxation, so we had to cancel our NYC plans in lieu of a more laid-back local destination. Lucky for us (the silver lining!), we were able to re-re-route Santa.

Phew! We can all now rest assured that our stockings will be filled with fun and our hearts will be full of joy come Christmas morning.

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