Saturday Sips: Refreshing Rum Recipes

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1. Piña Colada via Amandas Cookin’/ 2. The Pink Flamingo Cocktail via TSM/ 3. Strawberry Mint Mojito via Lulus/ 4. Hurricane Party Punch via Bread Booze Bacon/ 5. Smashed Watermelon Rum Cocktail via Always Order Dessert/ 6. Coconut Punch via A Night Owl Blog

A few years ago, pre-marriage and pre-kids, I was a carefree 20-something-year-old who enjoyed a seemingly endless spree of tropical trips and glamorous getaways. Some were for leisure, others for work... All of them were glorious.

I remember being in Barbados, enjoying a sunshine-filled sail on a gorgeous private sailboat, when I decided that if I could only drink one type of liquor forever more, it would most definitely be rum. Of course, at that moment, I was two-glasses-of-Mount-Gay-rum-punch deep, so it's no surprise I made this boozy proclamation. (Also, I, apparently, had nothing more pressing to ponder at the time. I was baby-free and worry-less... What else would one contemplate on a catamaran?)

Fast forward a few years and a couple of kids later, I no longer find myself a frequent visitor of far-away islands and exotic destinations. But I do still enjoy the occasional rum cocktail on my pool deck. One big sip, and it instantly transports me somewhere tropical. A mental vacation on a Caribbean ship—if only for a fleeting moment.

National Rum Day is approaching (Tuesday, Aug. 16), and I'm ready to get my "yum" on with a few refreshing rum recipes. From a classic frozen piña colada to a crisp minty mojito to our very own palatable Pink Flamingo punch, I've rounded up six super delicious spiked drinks to help you celebrate...

We still (hopefully) have another month or so of sizzling hot summer weather, let's all pretend we're on vacay, and enjoy a relaxing rum cocktail while we can... Even if it is in the backyard during nap time!

Head on over to Momtrends to see what they're sipping on this evening.

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