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Net Nanny: Exploring the World Wide Web... Safely

(All that's missing is the iPad...)

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My children are still babies… and, yet, at one and three, the two of them are surprisingly savvy with an iPad. It amazes me that my fourteen month old can swipe images on my device like a pro. She picks up my cell phone and immediately puts it to her ear and "answers," “Hallllllloooo?” And if she sees me working on the computer? Well, she just starts whining like a puppy dog begging for scraps—except she’s really begging for some quality screen time with Elmo!

Then there's my son... He has his own apps on my husband's iPad. He likes to tap out letters on my keyboard. And he’ll never turn down a selfie session with my phone. Best yet, he thinks that all videos taken with mobile devices are automatically YouTube tutorials—which is why every home video I've taken starts with a formal introduction, “Hello, I three years old—and today I showing you how to eat chocolate chip cookies.”

It’s great that my kids are so technologically savvy, but it's also a bit alarming. Right now, I'm able control the content their innocent eyes are seeing. But, one day, they’ll be little kids behind big computers—and that scares me. I want to remain at the helm and keep in control without being a helicopter parent.

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And that’s where Net Nanny comes in. Net Nanny helps parents keep things G-rated by acting as an internet filter that can block pornography, mask profanity, and monitor online usage. It helps establish healthy screen-time habits (so your child can't spend the whole day online!) and sends important alerts and reports to parents. You can get Net Nanny for a single device, five family devices, or ten family devices—every user gets an individual profile with customized settings. It’s a simple way for parents to protect their children from predators and cyber-bullying on the vast and endless Internet. Essentially, you, as a parent, can view, manage, and control what your kids see, hear, and do online.

Navigating a kid's social-media world can be especially daunting for parents—and Net Nanny Social, a powerful cloud-based dashboard, helps parents keep a watchful eye on the platforms their children are using.

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Right now, I would happily use Net Nanny to monitor the amount of hours my young son is streaming Mickey Mouse on Netflix (subsequent episodes start automatically, I lose track of time, and feel terrible when I realize he's been staring at an iPad for an hour and a half straight—there's even a way for parents to remotely "pause" the Internet!). But, really, I feel good knowing that as my kids get older and grow even more digitally savvy, Net Nanny will become an invaluable tool in my parenting belt.

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