Toy Tuesday: My Baby and Her Baby Doll

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There’s nothing cuter than a real-life baby with a sweet baby doll.

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My precious little P has suddenly started expressing interest in “babies.” The second she spots a human that’s her smaller than her (and sometimes even bigger!), she giggles and points and says “Mama! Mama! Bebe!.” It’s absolutely adorable. She wants to touch them, kiss them, and hug them. (Just watch where you poke that little finger, m'kay P!)

When I was young, I carried a "dollie" with me everywhere I went, and there’s a sliver of my heart hoping my little love bug will be equally attached to nurturing her own “baby.” (And, FYI, we gave my son a doll before Penelope was born, and he was a great doll-parent too. It must be genetic!)

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Coincidentally, Madame Alexander and Toys R Us recently sent me and Baby P a present in the mail: the newly launched Middleton Adoption doll. Perfect timing for my baby-obsessed baby! I couldn't wait to see her tiny hands holding her new tiny toy bestie!

The 16-inch Middleton Doll looks and feels like a real baby, and comes with a sleeper layette, hat, booties, a stuffed animal, and an extra outfit (because, as every mom knows, you always need a backup ensemble). Doll parents can add to their collection with additional accessories, like a baby carrier, baby fashion packs, and baby play packs.

I love that packaging is functional too. The box serves as a baby "crib" with a changing station that includes drawers for keeping baby's clothes and accessories safe and secure. (We all know how easy it is to lose a baby sock--never mind a baby doll's sock!)

There's also a certificate of adoption to personalize upon purchase. We've yet to fill ours out--as P can't quite pick a name other than "Bebe" yet.

The Middleton Adoption line from Madame Alexander is available exclusively at Toys R Us.

This is not a sponsored post. We received a sample for review. All opinions are our own.

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