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Mini Style: Summer Travel with Stride Rite

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We are currently on a fun-filled summer vacation visiting family throughout the United States. We've been from one coast to the other - California to New York - and have now settled in the middle of the country (Ohio) for a month. I have done my fair share of packing but this six week long adventure posed unique challenges. I am not ashamed to say I spent an embarrassing amount of time strategizing footwear - and not just mine!

Picking the right shoes for summer travel is essential to ensure comfort and, yes, mini style. Two pairs we are traveling with this summer come direct from the Rosie's Picks for Stride Rite. Stride Rite mom and designer, Rosie Pope, hand-picked shoes to solve our challenge: Little feet are sure to do a lot of walking, splashing and exploring during summer travel season. These picks live up to the task with gusto.

Max is tackling summer (and his brother and sister) in the SRT Jasper Preschool Jasper Sneaker. She says, "This shoe is great for adventure. It has Sensory Response Technology, which basically means it has really cool soles that help kids have a better ability to ‘feel’ the ground they are walking on and respond to it to give better stability. I also like the darker color options to hide dirt and be appropriate at slightly more formal activities when sweat pants aren’t appropriate.”

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But, most importantly, they are perfectly suited for everyone's favorite summer activity: eating ice cream. I am happy to report they don't look any worse for wear after this ice cream incident.

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My daughter is officially obsessed with the SRT Preschool Poet sandal. (And she's not the only one - they're currently sold out online. Check this similar style and this one.) She wore them with every outfit in last week's Mini Style post and they've since explored the city streets of Brooklyn and the barns of upstate New York.

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This is definitely one of those pairs of shoes that convinces me my daughter has a better wardrobe than I do.

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Rosie's Summer Travel Picks & Tips

Stride Rite made to play shoes are designed with helpful features that make them easy to put on, take off, and last through summer travel fun. Here are some great features we love about Stride Rite's Made 2 Play collection:

  • Machine washable; air dry:great for keeping things clean on-the-go
  • Grip & go strap makes shoes easy for kids to put on and take off by themselves:making going from the beach to the street even quicker
  • Reinforced toe for durability:great for protecting little feet from those occasional stubs and trips during exploration 
  • Memory foam insole for added comfort:more comfort, less whining
  • Anti-microbial lining helps keep shoes odor-free:keeps shoes and little feet smelling fresh, not stinky 
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As we know, buying and packing for summer travel is not for the faint of heart. Rosie Pope has some helpful tips.

  • Before buying shoes for vacation, make sure you measure the size of your little ones feet in the afternoon, when they are largest after a full day of play. That way you'll get shoes that fit comfortably even if your destination is hot and your travels full of activities.
  • Water play is part of most kids’ summer plans, so plan ahead and make sure the shoes you get them can double as water play shoes, easily washed and dried and with good grip.
  • Easy on and off is essential for kids (and grow ups!) shoes for travel. While kids generally don't have to remove their shoes for security reasons at airports, no matter what your travel method those shoes will probably be coming on and off for comfort and laces, buckles and any extra fuss is only going to slow you up.
  • We all know how awful it is to have uncomfortable shoes or blisters. I can say first hand it makes almost any situation in enjoyable and this is no way to spend your summer. Be sure your kids have comfortable shoes that are good for their feet so that the travel memories you make are ones you want to keep.

Shop! Browse and buy Rosie's Picks for summer travel now at Also be sure to check out the Really Big Sale with items up to 50% off.

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