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Mama's One-Stop Shop: CVS Is Now Inside Target

Target… It’s my happy place.

Give me my Venti two-pump vanilla latté and unlimited time to explore, and I’m blissfully content. Some people do yoga to get their Zen on; others choose cardio to blast away stress. Me? I go to Target. And I shop. For anything… For ev-er-y-thing!

Of course, it’s a rare treat that I get to freely roam the aisles of my own personal paradise at a leisurely pace. More often than not, I’m running into Target on a mission with two toddlers attached to my hips or at my legs or in my arms. And that’s anything but relaxing. It’s rushed, it’s hectic, it’s manic, but, hey, that’s the life of a busy, on-the-go mama.

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I make the pilgrimage with my littles to Target at least once a week for household essentials (and some other not-so-necessary niceties!), and it’s always followed or proceeded by a string of stressful errands. We have appointments to make, classes to attend, groceries to buy, clothes to shop for, and CVS prescriptions to pick up. Inevitably, one of my two will have a tantrum before we head back home for the day. That’s why I try to strategically streamline my day and my errands. And now that CVS pharmacy is INSIDE Target, my to-do list just got a whole lot simpler.

Yes, two of my favorite stores have joined forces to bring moms (and dads and impatient kids) the ultimate in quality and convenience to one easy location. Now I can do my weekly Target runs for toilet paper or baby gear or snacks or cute workout clothes or all of the above AND pick up prescriptions for the family. At the same time.

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CVS has always been my go-to pharmacy for my family’s health and wellness needs. The pharmacists are knowledgeable and understanding; and the perks are unbeatable (reward bucks, app integration, digital prescription center, and much more—we’ll fill you in all of this soon!).

With a family of four, it feels like we’re in constant need of prescription refills and I’m in perpetual supply of medical questions—so, of course, I’m super excited about this powerhouse retail partnership.

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The next time I leave the pediatrician’s office with a prescription ready to go, I can pick up the medication—while earning coveted rewards; log into the CVS app to check for any refills, potential drug interactions, or other important info; talk to my trusted pharmacist at the counter; snag some soothing essentials (or maybe a new DVD and toy for the sickie!); and get my crazies home faster... Because, I can’t always wander the aisles of Target solo, but I can cross two errands off my to-do list in one easy shot—and, hopefully, avoid a meltdown in the process.

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