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Little Tikes: Lean To Turn Toddler Scooter {Review}

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My toddler has been fascinated by his big sister's scooter since she got it for Christmas this past December. Now that it's summer and we've been spending more and more time outdoors we decided maybe it was time he got his own scooter.

Little Tikes has a Lean to Turn scooter that's just perfect for beginner riders like our little guy!

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Little Tikes Lean to Turn Scooter

  • Recommended ages 2-4
  • Durable and sturdy material
  • 2 front wheels for stability
  • 1 rear wheel with brake
  • Lean to steer - which is easier for that age
  • Promotes gross motor skills like balance and coordination
  • Encourages outdoor play and activity
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for storage
  • Wide base that's low to ground
  • Sporty design with several color options
  • Perfect for beginners!
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The Little Tikes Lean to Turn scooter features 2 front wheels for stability. This keeps the scooter upright unlike scooters for older kids which they have to balance on their own. The scooter hasn't fallen any with my toddler!

The suggested age is 2-4 but our 21 month old has been scooting along on it just great. We're still learning to steer it but he doesn't go far enough or fast enough yet for that to really matter much. He's just happy zipping along up and down the sidewalk in our neighborhood behind his big sister.

The Little Tikes Lean to Turn Scooter is very sturdy and well made and has a 44lb weight limit which means it's good for a few years!. I'm also a big fan of the super easy assembly - no tools required! I only had to click the handlebar in place and we were ready to go play!

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It's just the right size for toddlers with easy to grip handlebars and I like that the handgrips have edges to help keep their hands from slipping off. The base is plenty wide enough for their feet and has a very sporty design. On the back there is a single 3rd wheel which has a brake.

Judah has only has car ride-on toys that you push along with your legs, so I wasn't completely sure how he would do on the scooter. We took it out one cloudy afternoon just before dinner and he hopped right on. He was so excited to have his own scooter and kept saying "My scooter!". After taking a minute to show him how to push along with his foot, he was off! He learned super quick and hasn't looked back, literally and figuratively!

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I was surprised at how fast he actually got going on this scooter, especially since he's not even 2 years old yet! Turning is simple on the Lean to Turn Scooter. It's much easier for toddlers to steer by just leaning the handlebars to the left and right. I love that this scooter helps teach balance and coordination! Great for practicing those gross motor skills that are so important.

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I love how durable this Little Tikes scooter is and my little guy has been loving it. Now that he has a scooter just like his big sister the only drawback is getting them to come inside! All they want to do is ride, ride ride!!

Shop! Shop for the Little Tikes Lean to Turn Scooter in green, blue or pink at our Amazon Affiliate. This is a great scooter for a beginner rider and for only $29.99 is a good investment for those toddler/preschool years!

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