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Keep Life Easy For You and Happy & Healthy For Baby With The Digital Humidifier and Nutribaby both by Babymoov!

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We’ve all experienced a humidifier - whether it was during a bad cold and a stuffed nose or because our air conditioner leaves the room feeling dry. Colds,dryness, conjunctivitis, and respiratory problems can keep your baby from uninterrupted sleep.

The BabymoovDigital Humidifier is a perfect addition to any nursery or bedroom as it helps purify the air by limiting allergens like dust and pollen. It will keep baby comfortable and breathing well. The humidifier is easy to set up (and use) and has options that allow parents to customize its functionality.

With only a handful of pieces, the humidifier is very easy to put together fill with water, take apart, and clean. The bottom portion has the digital display from which you can:See the current temperature of the room

*Set the time
*Adjust the desired level of humidity/ view the current level of humidity
*Use the nightlight function (choose between blue or rose colored light)
*Program the timer for on/off increments
For safety and efficiency, the humidifier will automatically shut off when the water level is low. All the settings can be locked once set, as not to be fooled with accidentally or by little reaching hands!

The directions are both visuals and written text and are extremely easy to follow. The product is as intuitive as setting an alarm clock or adjusting your thermostat. A top steam outlet allows for 360 degree rotation and has a removable oil defuser! A couple drops of your favorite essential oil and the effect is even more peaceful! We love the blue light setting with a humidity level on the higher end of the spectrum and some tea tree essential oils.

 Oil defuser option under rotating steam-release cap.

Oil defuser option under rotating steam-release cap.

Some technical stuff:
Capacity: 2.5 l
Autonomy: from 8 hrs to 22 hrs (depending on setting)
Vaporisation: from 170 to 250 ml/hr

Great baby shower gift or purchase for your own family!

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Retails for $99.99.

The first real food processor to do real cooking for babies!
by Babymoov

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We love Nutribaby because it does so much and is easy to clean! From the beginning, we want our babies to eat healthy. It holds on to food’s tastiness and nutrition due to the two steaming baskets and the food processor (these items detach from each other). You’ll be able to cook a variety of foods separately but at the same time - start with the foods that have the longest cook time, and slowly add your other ingredients for perfectly cooked meal.

Nutribaby can be used starting at birth as it warms and sterilizes up to three bottles at a timIt’s It’s BP -free and is set apart from other food processors and steamers due to its easy use and
many functions:

*Is 100% automatic
*Warms and sterilizes baby bottles and food jars, steams, blends, and defrosts
*Uses two trays to separate food and hang on to taste and nutrients
*LCD screen to adjust the functions
*Chopping button on top of the bowl
*Sound and visual alarms and automatic shut-off

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Nutribaby also memorizes your last cook time and can replicate the cook cycle if you forget!

Some technical stuff:
MATERIALBPA free, SAN (mixing bowl), Tritan (cooking baskets)
DIMENSION39x29x20 cm (appliance), 31x24x20 cm (cooking unit), 30x23x20 cm (blending unit)
POWER230 V / 500 W (warm phase), 230 v / 400 W (blend phase)

Retails for $119.99.

Since 1997 Babymoov has been creating products to make life easier for parents and to make each moment with their baby a joyful one. All our products are designed in conjunction with the top experts: Moms! - Babymoov

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