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In the Bag: Call Me Ang

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Hey there! I’m Angela, but my friends call me Ang. I’m the proud wife of a Navy pilot and Mom to two beautiful girls… and today I’m sharing what's in my bag!

I've been carrying my Balenciaga Classic City. I received this bag as an anniversary gift from my husband (which had been on my "handbag bucket list" for years). I find myself buying a lot of navy lately. I actually prefer it to black. The slouchy non-structured appearance is perfect for the bohemian trend this Spring, but the bag itself is timeless.

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As a Mom of two girls who are older, I no longer need to tote everything…and the kitchen sink. Now, I carry my own essentials. I never thought I would see the day. Moms of babies and toddlers...I feel your pain. I promise your day will come. The day, when your clothes are no longer covered in mashed-up baby food (or worse)...and your bags are not full of loose cheerios, puffs, toys, diapers and wipes.

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I tend to rotate my handbags out every few days. So I don't carry a whole lot...just the items I can't live without. Such as: day planner, wallet, sunglasses, iPhone, car keys, compact, lip-gloss, perfume, gum, hand sanitizer and allergy pills.

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True story...Twice I've had gum ruin the interior lining of my bag. Word to the wise: empty your bags completely when storing. I foolishly threw mine onto a shelf and didn't look at them for several months. The sugar free gum turned my bags into a white powdered mess. Now I keep gum in a baggy… just in case my mommy brain forgets to remove it... again. I also keep Band-Aids (for the girls) and hand sanitizer in this Ziploc bag. It's not glamorous, but necessary.

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I'm a big Bobbi Brown fan. I tend to use her cosmetics exclusively. The lip color is pink peony. The other lip color is by cover girl. These jumbo gloss sticks are amazing! The perfect amount of color (and you don't have to sharpen them, you simply roll them up like a traditional lipstick). My all-time favorite fragrance is Bond No. 9 Park Avenue. I keep a pocket spray in my bag at all times.

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I don't go anywhere without sunglasses. My eyes are super sensitive to the sun. My go-to frames are Ray-Ban Aviators. They look great with virtually any outfit! The original aviator frames come down too low for my chubby, I mean my high cheek bones. The "new aviator" style fits terrific!

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As I mentioned before, my girls keep us very busy with all their activities. I would be lost without my planner. Especially once they reach middle school. You can't imagine how hectic their schedules can be. There are plenty of "fancy" day planners on the market. I picked this one up from Target and I'm quite pleased with the quality. Also, a spiral binding is essential. I never see the cover of this thing. If I don't leave the planner open, I will forget what needs to be done that day.

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I literally dumped my handbag out on my sofa and snapped photos. No staging here (I’m an advocate for keeping it real). Hence the loose change. I'm notorious for tossing coins into the bottom of my bags (maybe I should invest in a coin purse)…a penny for your thought....


Find Ang on her blog Call Me Ang, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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