In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb: Must-Have Finds for March


March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb...

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True to the expression, we’ve definitely been experiencing the lion portion of the month this first week of March... and it’s been a ferocious one with endless snow, freezing rain, relentless wind and slippery slush here in New York City.

I take refuge from the wicked winter weather knowing that spring is near—at least, technically speaking. In reality, we're only about two weeks from the first day of the new season. But that's hard to believe when you’re still bundling the kids in layers and mittens and hats (oh my!). Nevertheless, soon enough, we will feel the warmth of spring—like a cuddly-cute lamb by our side.

To celebrate this month of transition, we’re putting a literal spin on our favorite March adage. These lovely little lion and lamb finds will help you forget all about the miserable weather and have you dreaming of sweet spring days—or, perhaps, of snugly babies and adorable animals... Either way.

Lion-Hooded Bathrobe/ Giggle Lion Stacker/ Lion Blanket Friend/ Old Navy Lion Pajamas/ Knit Lion Hat/ Lion Play Mat/ Lion Towel/ Lion Bib and Bootie Socks

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Knit Lamb Hat/ J. Crew Sheep Sweater/ Lamb Crib Mobile/ Pink Lamb Legwarmers/ Lamb Blanket/ Lamb Slippers/ Lamb Blanket Friend and Rattle/ Hooded Lamb Towel/ Hanna Anderson Lamb Hat

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P.S. I tried to get a "lion" photo of my two-year-old son wearing this hat I bought him, but it terrified him. And so...

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