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Hope Valley's Most Complicated Relationships

One step forward, two steps back…

That seems to be the general pace of the relationships in Hope Valley.

One second, the couples are happy and smitten; the next, they’re discontent and completely out of sync. Come to think of it, I guess I should say “would-be couples,” seeing that none of these pairings are officially, well, paired. (If Facebook, existed in the fictional world of WCTH, their relationship statuses would most definitely read, “It’s Complicated.”)

Seems like the one relationship that actually has been repaired is that of Jack and Tom. The brothers had a tender moment (and I mean that in the manliest of ways, of course) in this week’s episode. Jack gave Tom their father’s pocket watch in a meaningful display of faith, love, and warmth. In turn, Tom has made a decision to turn around his life—to take a steady job and prove himself as a worthy suitor to Julie Thatcher. I’ve got to admit though—Julie seems awfully flighty to me. One glance from another man, and I think she’ll be swooning— so I’m not so sure Tom will actually have a love to come home. But I could be wrong—we’ll see.

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I definitely have more confidence in Tom’s intentions than Elizabeth. Much to Jack’s chagrin, Elizabeth seems to think that his brother’s bad-boy ways will resurface in no time at all. Oh, Elizabeth, why couldn’t you have just kept your opinion to yourself? Now Jack is all huffy and puffy and disappointed. Add that to the fact that your uppity father just offered him a job so he could have, eh-hem, a respectable place in society… Ouch. [Insert sad-face emoji, here!]

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Meanwhile, Bill and Nora have started to hash out their issues. She left him long ago when they needed each other most—so why is she back now? And where does that leave Abigail!?!... Not that Abigail has much time for romance these days. Looks like she’ll be spending all her effort saving her business, no thanks to the shady Mr. Gowen. (What a creep!)

Totally and utterly confused about my emotional outpouring and effusive post? Oh, me #Hearties, you have no idea what you're missing! Catch up on When Calls the Heart now before the two-hour season finale this Saturday at 8/7c. Jack and Elizabeth will face adversity together. Will a dangerous situation help them realize their true feelings?!? Um.... “It’s Complicated.”

(P.S. I'll be tweeting during the season finale—whilst eating sushi and sipping pink champagne. Take-out with the Hallmark Channel has become something of a Saturday night ritual... Join me! Eeks... Don't know what I'm going to do without my weekly fix.)

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