Personalized Jewelry from Origami Owl

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Keep your most precious moments close to your heart with Origami Owl, a custom jewelry line. Created by 18-year old Bella, who wanted to save money for car and started selling lockets to friends and family after school. The Living Lockets were a huge hit where consumers could create the style of their necklaces by picking their jewels, charms and chains to create a truly special piece of jewelry.

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The line expanded to various collections with some of our favorites being the THE MOTHER + DAUGHTER: 7"THE BETTER HALF and THE CLASSIC BEAUTY. For Valentine's Day we love the MEDIUM SILVER HEART LIVING LOCKET® WITH CRYSTALSTEDDY BEAR CHARM and the cute LINKED MIXED METAL HEART DANGLE.

A company who believes in connection and fun, we love how Origami Owl features a way for consumers to pick meaningful pieces that are inspiring and beautiful.

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