Fun Foodie Graphic Tees

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I like to wear my heart on my sleeve... and my emotions on my chest. That's why I'm a big fan of graphic tees. But they can also be playful, fun, frivolous... and about food. I'll happily wear a cute top featuring a picture of a pizza. (I mean, I do love me a good cheese pie!)

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I wore this super-cute "Lettuce Be Friends" tee shirt on a recent salad run. I mean, I had do—and it made for a perfectly Instagrammable moment. I also packed it on our team's recent summit to Canyon Ranch in Tucson, AZ. The destination is all about inspiring health and encouraging wellness. I though it made for an apropos outfit pick—oh, kale yeah!

If you enjoy graphic tees and delicious food, I've rounded up a few cute finds that are perfect for you. Now you can have your tee and it eat it too!

1. Sub_Urban Lettuce Be Friends Tee, $/ 2. Sub_Urban Veggies Baseball Tee, $48/ 3. The Laundry Room My Dogs Rolling Tee, $32/ 4. The Laundry Room Will for Pizza, $88/ 5. Kid Dangerous How I Cut Carbs Tee, $48/ 6. Sub_Urban Riot Kale Tee, $34/ 7. Kate Spade That’s Bananas, $68

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