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Four Ways to Up Your Selfie Game

The selfie. Love it or claim to hate it, you can’t deny that you’ve probably indulged in a few solo snap-happy sessions with your iPhone. (Yeah, I thought so.) It’s a sign of the times.

And so, yes, I admit it. I take selfies. Lots of ‘em, in fact! And it’s not because I like the way I look sans makeup. (Because, honestly, most of the time, I’m bare-faced and messy-haired!) Rather, it’s because, more often than not, I’m alone with my kids and want to document sweet moments of us together. I want a pic of me holding my sleeping daughter. I want to capture a silly face contest between my son and me. And, so, we selfie… or, rather, we “us-ie.”

But taking a quality selfie is not as simple as it may sound. These days, there are lots of tricks, gadgets, and gizmos to help take your selfie game up a notch. Here are four things to try next time you want to flip the camera on your phone. (Take it from me—when you’re rocking the 5 AM “mom look,” take all the tips, tricks, and cheats you can take.)

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LuMee Light-Up Phone Case
The LuMee helps everyone be seen in their best light. The front-lit smartphone case is designed to provide soft, flattering LED lighting. A dimmer button allows you to control the intensity of the lighting output and a rechargeable battery and micro USB cord works independently so that it doesn’t drain your actual phone battery. Touch and impact resistant, the LuMee not only keeps you looking good, it keeps your phone protected.

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The iPhone Fan
Everyone looks more glamorous with windblown hair—and this fan plugs into your iPhone to give you tousled tresses mid-selfie. (Or, it can cool you off mid-sporting event! Your call!)

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Selfie Stick
The tried and true selfie stick helps you can the optimal photo angle and distance (because, your arm can only do so much on its own!). This one folds extends from 12 to 39 inches and features bluetooth and a wireless shutter function.

Know Your Filters
When it comes to social media, my motto is “real life… just a little bit better.” I want to look like myself in photos, but I’m not afraid to use a filter—wisely. Filters can be your friends—so long as you use them wisely and discreetly. No shame in that game! SnapSeed has some amazingly subtle ones that enhance you without distorting you into a totally unrecognizable version of yourself. Of course, there’s also always good ole SnapChat.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

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