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Living in Alaska my three kids have had the chance to experience life in ways I never dreamed as a child. From climbing a glacier, to scaling a mountain the great outdoors is literary at our fingertips. And now other children will have this same opportunity for free. Starting this year all 4th grade students along with their families will have the opportunity to have a FREE pass to all National Parks as part of the Every Kid in a Park initiative.

Every Kid in a Park: Becoming a Junior Park Ranger

Here's a few things you need to know about the program.

  • Each fourth grader or age equivalent free- choice learner will be able to receive an Every Kid in a Park pass that will give them free access to all of the federal lands and waters across the US for a full year.
  • Fourth graders will be able to learn about their heritage, connect with nature, and ignite a passion for history and culture. With access to millions of acres of federal lands and waters, this can spark a lifelong commitment to enjoying and saving places that matter.
  • Fourth graders can visit the “Get YourPass” section of, complete an online activity, and download a personalized voucher for print and unlimited use at federal lands and waters locationsfor one year.
  • The paper voucher can also be exchanged for a more durable, Interagency Annual 4th Grade Pass at certain federal lands or waters sites. The Every Kid in a Park website offers information on how to obtain a voucher and pass, tips for trip planning, and how parents and educators can get involved.
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What We Loved About Becoming a Junior Park Ranger

One of our favorite activities when visiting a National Park is to become a Junior Park Ranger. This past summer we visited Kenai Fjords National Park, which happens to be the park President Obama just visited, and immediately upon arrival we went to the ranger's station to collect their books. 

The park ranger passed out booklets and each kid was challenged to complete a specific amount of activities that correlated to their age. Once they have completed their tasks they are then sworn in by the park ranger in a ceremony in front of anyone who also might happen to be at the ranger station.

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But there's more to do than just becoming a Junior Park Ranger. 

Some parks have backpacks filled with art supplies ready for children to take out and document what they find in the park. Other's have the ability to become Web Rangers where you can learn all about the park from the comfort of your own home if the park is a bit too far to visit.

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To sign up for your free park pass go to and start exploring.


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