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Earth's Best Snacks, Meals, and Bars—All Day, Every Day!

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(5:45 AM means "breakfast" bars, preferably educational TV, and blurry everything...)

My kids wake up early… Like, before-the-sun early. It’s rough, and I can’t always say I’m at my brightest and most bushy-tailed. Yeah, no mommy awards for me before the crack of dawn, but I somehow manage to get through those woe-some wee hours with a little help from cartoons, coffee, and Earth’s Best Sunny Days Snack Bars.

You see, my kids don’t just wake up at an unmentionable hour. They wake up at that unmentionable hour absolutely “starrrrrving.” Like, totally famished.

But Mama can barely pour milk into her java at 5-something in the AM, never mind make a hearty from-scratch meal for her growing ravenous beasts. Truth is, I refuse to turn on the burners or power up the toaster until the clock strikes 7. And so… I turn to the three “B’s” of the morning: Bananas, Bars, and then Breakfast!

(I took this photo at the Momtrends & Meredith Publications event, recently. This platter is literally my kids' culinary dream come true)...

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We have a routine. I set them up with some Sesame Street (keep 'em learning!) and get them each a banana and an Earth’s Best strawberry or apple Sunny Days bar. They absolutely love their pre-meal snack and it tides them over for an hour or so until Mom can function enough to be trusted with utensils. Unlike many other “cereal bars,” Earth’s Best bars are organic, made with wholesome ingredients, and only have 6 grams of sugar each. Meanwhile, my kids could literally eat them all day every day. (No kidding, I have to hide and ration.)

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(Cookies, letters, and learning with this little lady...)

Morning is not the only time of day Earth’s Best gets me out of parenting jams. It’s my go-to brand for healthy, nutritious, and, often, organic snacks, meals, and treats. It’s literally the ONLY non-restaurant or fast-food (eeks!) chicken nuggets my son will eat—and since he asks for "nugs" daily for lunch, suffice to say I go through A LOT of ’em. These organic Letter of the Day cookies are our go-to sweet snack too. I make my kids sing the alphabet while they eat 'em too! My daughter still relies on an organic pouch or two too during the day—she sucks them down like a champ, and I rely on them as a source of "hidden veggies." Clearly I'm a brand fan, and that's why I was so excited to learn about and try the new products launching from Earth’s Best.

I often pack a picnic lunch for my son to eat after school. He gets dismissed at 11:15 and we’ll head to the park or the playground, and enjoy an alfresco meal—got to do it while the weather lasts! The new individual frozen organic fruit cups from Earth's Best are great for lunchboxes. Take one out in the morning and it’s thawed and ready to enjoy by lunchtime. No washing, no slicing, and no Tupperware necessary!

The new Stuffed Bites Broccoli Kale & Cheese pockets are broadening our hot-out-of-the-oven horizons (and my wee ones are actually happily consuming leafy green veggies without complaint!). The cheddar-cheese stuffed pretzels are a hearty snack for after soccer practice or karate class. I admit I'll eat them too... Hey, mommy needs nutritious food for fuel too. After all, it's a looooonnnnng day!

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