Dressing Little Miss Thing in babyGap's New Collection


My three year old is obsessed with the quirky characters in the Mr. Men collection of books. He has a particular fondness for Mr. Bump (because, he falls down a lot), Mr. Greedy (because, he eats a lot), and, of course, Mr. Messy (because, well, duh!). I thoroughly enjoy the series, except for Mr. Tickle. And, rightly so. After all, it stars a long-armed man who tickles strangers in the street--and, worst of all, reaches his lengthy limbs into open classroom windows filled with children to tickle a defenseless teacher. (I mean, talk about lessons in strange danger!)

I've yet to introduce my one year old to the Little Miss collection of books, but I think it's about time with the launch of babyGap's new limited-edition Mr. Men and Little Miss collection. Inspired by the iconic children's books, created by British author Roger Hargreaves, the collection includes onesies, bibs, blankets, socks and hats all designed with signature bright colors and bold lines and graphics. Many of the series' original characters make an appearance including Mr. Bump, Little Miss Hug, Mr. Happy, and Little Miss Giggles. (Fortunately, I haven't seen Mr. Tickle rear his ugly head/arms in any of the pieces of I've previewed!) The collaboration also introduces two new, specially created characters: Mr. Gap and Little Miss Gap, who are based on Gap founders Don and Doris Fisher.

1. Little Miss Graphic Bodysuit Set, $24/ 2. Mr. Bib, $7/ 3. Sunny City One-Piece, $21/ 4. Mr. Men Socks, $11/ 5. Flower Power Footed One-Piece, $21/ 6. Little Miss Bib, $7/ 7. Mr. Gap Bodysuit, $9/ 8. Printed Booties, $14/ 9. Sunny Trolley Tee, $12

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