Craft Corner: DIY Cactus Garden


School is back in session, and to ease yourself in, why not do some easy crafting? This DIY cactus rock garden will not only provide some much-needed zen, it's also functional as a photo-holder. I love projects that are simple and fun---but I especially love when they use natural ingredients. Get outside with your kids and gather rocks, moss, other elements you'd like to include in your garden. I built mine using sand in a terracotta pot, but you can put this in a mason jar or other container that you like. I also painted my pot using some washi tape to make a geometric design.

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Here's what you need:

Check out our short video to see all the details about how to assemble your mini cactus garden.

I've talked about my Zip Printer before, but I'm still obsessed with it. It's great to have this time of year to print out all my favorite summer memories. The film comes out as a sticker, but I like to have a bunch on hand to pop in and out of this garden.

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