Saturday Sips: Perk Up With These Coffee-Cocktails


Fun fact: August in National Coffee Month... Yes, an entire 31 days devoted to celebrating every parent's favorite caffeinated beverage. Just thinking about it makes me want to brew another pot. I can almost taste it...

I've always enjoyed my morning joe, but it definitely became my go-to vice when my first baby was born. Those unpredictable newborn hours had me chugging java like a champ. Of course, it's a cardinal rule of the "cool mom's club" that you must love coffee and wine—and, as a faithful member, I'm happy to oblige. That's why we rounded up a few favorite mugs that conceal your beverage of choice (no judgment here).

Then again, cocktails are pretty good in my book too. They most definitely deserve a rightful place in my weekly drink rotation. And cocktails featuring coffee? Well, that right there is a Mama's dream come true.

My fave way to enjoy spiked coffee? Freeze coffee into cubes, and add a few to a cup or glass. Pour half iced coffee and a half Bailey's—and voilá!

I've rounded up a few more fabulous ways to sip your percolated pick-me up and your beloved cocktails at the same time. Happy National Coffee Month—enjoy!

1. Cold Brew and Bourbon Cocktail via The Homemade Hau/ 2. Roasted Marshmallow Java Shake via Marla Meredith/3. Coffee Tonic via Well Nesting/4. Spiked Thai Iced Coffee via The Cookie Rookie/5. Mexican Coffee via Cooking With Curls/6. Easy Irish Coffee via Momtrends/7. Salted Caramel Mocha Martini via The Seasoned Mom/8. Salted Caramel Iced Coffee Cocktail via Pizzazzerie/9. Merlot-Infused Roasting Beans via TSM

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