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I think all parents can relate, installing carseats correctly can cause anxiety. You always question: Is it level? Are the straps tight enough? Too tight? Is it installed in the car correctly? Is it moving too much? How can I get this tighter? With the Britax ClickTight technology installing your carseat as simple as clicking a seatbelt. Now, nearly anyone can install the carseat easily without any shoving, yanking or kneeling. You can be confident your carseat installed correctly whether your child is rear or forward facing.

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We had the opportunity to review the new Britax ClickTight Boulevard and I'm so excited to share this amazing carseat with you! The ClickTight Boulevard is designed for convenience, comfort and safety. It makes an excellent choice for getting your family where you need to go.

A Quick Look at the Britax Boulevard ClickTight carseat:

  • Rear facing 5-40 lbs
  • Forward facing 20-65 lbs
  • 14 position harness with impact absorbing pads
  • ClickTight Installation system
  • Safe Cell Impact Protection
  • Energy absorbing base, harness, and tether
  • 7 recline positions and automatic level indicator
  • Impact stabilizing steel frame
  • Click & Safe snug harness indicator with audible click

ClickTight Installation System

The ClickTight installation system is simple but genius. Basically, the seat part of the carseat opens so you can see where to thread the anchor tether or seat belt.  ClickTight Installation System both causes tension on, and locks, the seat belt at the same time. The result is both a tight and secure, simple to use installation using any type of vehicle seat belt.

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Honestly, using the ClickTight system was easier to use than it sounds, and it sounds pretty easy! Open, thread, close, done!

Let me walk you through how easy it was. In the Boulevard model the ClickTight button is located at the bottom of the seat.

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Give the button a push and it raises up and you turn it like a key to open the seat to reveal the ClickTight technology.

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Thread your seatbelt or LATCH tether through where marked. We're still rear facing so we use the belt path closer to the bottom of the seat. You can see in the picture below where my belt is going.

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Tighten the seatbelt just to remove the slack. Don't worry about pulling the seatbelt out all the way until it locks, you don't need to do that with the ClickTight installation system. If you're using the LATCH system, don't over tighten your latch tether. The best part is you don't have to break a sweat trying to climb into the seat, pulling on the tether trying to get it tight enough. We all know the knee in the carseat trick while pulling the LATCH system with all your weight. No more of that with ClickTight!

Just close the base of your seat and listen for the "click". Remember, the ClickTight system is creating that tension and locking the seatbelt for you.

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A car seat that is not installed tightly leaves your child vulnerable to injury in the event of a crash. The Britax ClickTight Boulevard is so easy to install, it alleviates all the stress and confusion that you may normally encounter while installing other carseats.

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At first, I was skeptical at how easy it would be to install. Installing carseats is usually my husband's job because I never feel like I get them tight enough, but installing the Britax ClickTight Boulevard was effortless!

Benefits of the ClickTight installation system

  • Achieve a tight installation without hassle.
  • Safe installation even after your child has met the weight limitations of lower anchor LATCH system.
  • Can be used with any kind of seatbelt regardless of the type.

No more blindly trying to thread the anchor tether or seatbelt through the back of the carseat. The ClickTight system reveals the belt path for you while the seat bottom is open. With the ClickTight system you don't have to worry if your child has outgrown the weight restrictions of the LATCH system on your car, or try to figure out what kind seatbelt you have. (Different seat belts require different carseat installation.) The ClickTight system simplifies carseat installation in a safe and easy way.

Other features we love

The 14 position harness allows the carseat to grow with your child and offers the best and safest fit possible. The impact absorbing rubber harness pads keeps the chest piece in the correct position and helps absorb energy if you are ever in a crash.

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Safe Cell Impact Protection offers an advanced level of protection with an energy absorbing headrest to cushion your child's head and neck as well as a protective shell which absorbs crash forces and shields your child from flying debris.

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Have peace of mind with the impact stabilizing steel frame. The steel frame adds strength where you need it most, in the spine of the carseat reducing forward flex and at the connection points to the vehicle.

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The car seat is able to rear face up to 40 lbs which is good since AAP has changed the rear facing guideline to until 2 years of age.

The carseat offers 7 recline positions. I really like the well labeled rear and forward facing weight limits as well as reminders for how and where to use the seat belts. The built in level offers reassurance that your carseat is at the correct angle.

Get the Britax Boulevard on Amazon here. (note this is an affiliate link)

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