Breastfeeding Friday: Le Mystere Nursing Bra & Mamachic Nursing Scarf

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As a mom who has breastfed both of her kids (and is still breastfeeding her toddler), I know that breastfeeding can sometimes make you feel less than sexy and fashionable.

With changing breast size, tenderness, and leaky boobs, we don't always feel our best.

Today for Breastfeeding Friday, we are featuring 2 brands that will help you feel like the gorgeous breastfeeding goddess you are!

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Le Mystere - Mama Mia Nursing Bra

We love the style of the Mama Mia nursing bra from Le Mystere. The Mama Mia nursing bra is designed to provide support and coverage for nursing mamas while still looking sexy and modern.

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The Mama Mia nursing bra features an easy one-hand clip pull down to make late-night feeding a snap. Soft memory foam padding prevents surprise leak-throughs and hides disposable nursing pads. It is comfortable enough to wear to bed to support tender breasts.

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I'm sure we've all experienced the power of how a well fitting, pretty bra and/or underwear can boost our self confidence. This Mama Mia is just what you need to feel trendy and chic despite those middle-of-the-night feedings and leaking boobs.

The Le Mystere Mama Mia is offered in black or beige and you can even get a pair of matching undies with lace trim to complete the look!

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The Le Mystere Mama Mia Nursing bra is $62 on the

Mamachic - Do-It-All Nursing Scarf

A chic and modern nursing scarf - the Mamachic can do it all!

There were no stylish garments on the market that served as both an easy nursing cover and absorbent burp cloth with effective coverage, so former TV host and new mother Angela Tsai decided to create it herself. The beautiful Mamachic was born!

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Designed in Mamachic’s signature shape with strategic snap buttons, moms are able to wear the Mamachic in countless ways, then seamlessly convert it into a nursing cover, burp cloth or swaddle blanket.

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The Mamachic has a unique and innovative design and offers moms a modern garment that helps you do everything and still look great in the process!

Mamachic is made from organic, renewable bamboo and is made right here in the USA. Mamachic is a reversible bamboo jersey scarf that is available in 4 color combinations. The durable and machine washable fabric only gets softer after each wash.

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Mamachic is the do-it-all accessory for the do-it-all mom!

Mamachic will be available for purchase in September, but you can pre-order yours now!

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Shop! Feel modern and chic with a Le Mystere Mama Mia nursing bra underneath and a Mamachic nursing scarf layered on top!

This is a sponsored post. We were given samples to review. 

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