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Toy Tuesday: Best Learning Games and Activities for Toddlers

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My big guy has been in Pre-K for four whole days now. That’s 10 hours total of school time under his belt thus far this academic year. (Yes, preschool is a whopping two and a half hours around here, but, hey, it’s five days a week—so I’ll take it!)

Grant really likes to play, but he also really wants to learn. And when you combine toys and educational activities, he’s one happy camper…. er, preschooler!

FIRST DAY of PRE-K! (Someone's just a teeny-tiny bit excited.) || Sept. 8, 2016

A video posted by Lauren Barth-Boyce (@lebarthleboyce) on Sep 8, 2016 at 6:06am PDT

I want to help encourage his curiosity and foster his love of learning—at school, at home, and everywhere in between.

School is great, but when it only occupies a couple of hours a day (including group potty breaks and snack time!), it becomes our job as parents to keep our kidlets thinking, creating, and asking questions. (Actually, I think that’s our job even once they go to school full-time!)

This Toy Tuesday, I’ve rounded up a few of our favorite inspirational and educational toys for toddlers. Let the learning continue... past pick-up at 11:15 AM!

Teach About Teamwork: Busy Town

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The whole first month of my son’s pre-school is devoting to teaching kids about friendship—sharing, caring, and working as a team. No game is better at helping kids learn the importance of working together than Busy Town. No one single player wins. Instead, players have a common goal.

Think Strategically: eeBoo Puzzle

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This floor-size puzzle from eeBoo helps kids learn to think strategically, match methodically, and work toward an end goal.

Sensory (Artistic) Play: Play-Doh

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Sensory learning and artistic play go hand in hand. Forming, squeezing, shaping a big ball of Play-Doh is not only fun, it’s a great way to get kids thinking and creating abstractly.

More Building and Engineering: Brackitz

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STEM Learning: GoldieBlox Zip Line

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Alphabet and Spelling: Lakeshore Letter Locks

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Pretend Play: Props in a Box

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