Toy Tuesday: The 3 Best Holiday Board Games


Before I had kids, my siblings and I established a fun "adult" family tradition: board games on Christmas Eve! After all the guests left and all the food was put away, we'd open up the wine and pull out a few grownup classics: Apples to Apples followed by Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens--you know, once we were a few glasses of Cab deep.

Of course, with kids, I'm now way to exhausted and way too busy to keep down the wine and keep up the game-playing on December 24. So now we play a few family-friendly games on Christmas Day with hot cocoa instead. It's not quite the same, but it's still a merry, giggly good time.

This year, I've added a few new games to our "must-list." Great for children and awesome for adults, these three "board games" (if you can even really call 'em that) are perfect for family gatherings this holiday season. (BYO hot choc and wine!)

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  1. Speak Out: In this beyond-ridiculous(ly awesome) game, players try to say a variety of phrases while wearing a large mouthpiece. After drawing a card from the deck, players must read the phrase clearly, a task that's easier said that done with an obstruction that prevents you from closing your mouth. The timer counts down as players try to say and guess tricky sentences.
  2. Pie Face Showdown: Who doesn't want a little pie to the face come the holiday season? This new version of Pie Face takes the game up a notch. Dueling pie-faces! It's a showdown--and, in our opinion, everyone wins!
  3. Suspicion: A new twist on the beloved game, Clue, Suspicion casts you as an infamous jewel thief among other high-end crooks at rich art collector Baron's Whitetooth's mansion and masquerade ball. You must keep your identity under wraps as you pick the pockets of other guests and unmask the other criminals! Just don't get caught first.

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