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Beauty: Top 5 Drugstore Foundations (...and WHY I love them!)

When it comes to beauty products, sometimes all I do is cringe when I look at the cost of such a tiny little package! I mean, how on earth can something so small cost so much? Granted, there are certain things that I've come to terms with when it comes to finding the perfect products for my face but if I can find what I need at a price that's kind to my wallet and make-up routine, you better believe I'm going to take that option.

Over the past 2-ish years, I've been trying out a variety of foundations at the drugstore (read : Target) to try and find one that I love and one that provides both adequate coverage as well as the most necessary SPF. Right now, over the course of a year, I rotate through 5 different products depending on the coverage I'm looking for as well as when I need to use it.

Take a look down below at what made the cut and see why, when, and how I use each of these foundations!

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1. Cover Girl Outlast Stay 3-1 Fabulous Foundation: This is my number 1, numero uno, go-to foundation most of the year. My skin is both fair and uneven in tone because I have freckles. While I embrace my skin tone and all the added features that I've been blessed with, I prefer to have as much of an even complexion as possible that looks almost airbrushed. Because of that, I'm always looking for full coverage using an ivory, liquid foundation. I use a foundation brush to apply the product and it makes a significant difference in my overall appearance once I'm done. I almost never leave home without it on because it has an SPF 20 and it lasts all day long. Holy Grail of Drugstore SPF's right here, my friends.

2. Almay Smart Shade CC Cream: I tend to use a CC cream more in the summer than anything else because I love using sunless tanners when it's hot and sunny outside and I crave a warm, tan glow. The sunless tanner tends to make my skin tone more even and because of that, I don't need as much coverage as possible in the summer. Again, it comes with an SPF and the added bonus of a CC cream is that over time, it works to even out your skin tone from the inside out. I use my fingers to apply it and maybe a beauty buffer around my eyes for a more even application.

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3. Covergirl Compact Foundation: Just like my Covergirl Foundation, I absolutely love this 2-in-1 liquid and powder foundation. I don't actually use it, however, on my entire face before I put on a basic powder, bronzer, blush...etc. This little compact is usually kept in my purse and throughout the day I will use it for small touch up's here and there where I may notice that my mascara ran or my under eye area is looking a little bit tired and dark. (um, that would be EVERY day.) It comes with a small application sponge so you don't have to put your fingers in the product and it applies smooth yet with a matte finish. I have been using this product for years, years, years and it hasn't failed me yet! In the summertime, I make sure to keep my ivory shade even though I like the sunless tanner and bronzer, and it even works as a subtle highlighter around my eyes.

4. Revlon 1-Step Complexion Compact: This product is another great option for in the summer because I really only look for a foundation that has medium to light coverage that goes on smooth and easy in as little steps as possible. This compact, as a bonus, also has an SPF 15 so it's great for touch up's throughout the day! Of course, I would never substitute my actual sunscreen if spending the day at the pool, but if you're in and out of the house, this is a great back up plan to make sure your skin is protected. Again, this product is mess free, great to pop in your purse, and ready in a pinch.

5. Almay Smart Shade Mousse Makeup: While I love this product, too, it can be a little bit messy and tricky to apply. That being said, I love the way it feels on my skin and it really offers great coverage so fortunately for me, it's worth it. I like to use this product in the winter when my skin is dry and needs something really creamy. Almay is known for their dedication to offering hypoallergenic products so even when my skin is on the fritz, this foundation doesn't cause irritation. I actually use the tips of fingers to apply this product but still opt for a small beauty sponge for under my eyes. I think it offers a less streak-free appearance that you fingers alone can't buff out.

I'm constantly working with my ever-changing skin through the years, seasons, and even as I get older. I'm holding on with the tightest grip to these budget friendly buys and they haven't failed me yet!

Do you have any drugstore foundations that you love to wear? Share with us your favorites!

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