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Bathing Beauties: Super-Cute Swimsuits for Baby

Warning, warning! Major cuteness alert! If you know with certainty that you don’t want to have any more children, then LOOK AWAY NOW… or risk a majorly mega and potentially dangerous case of BABY FEVER!

Think you can handle it? Good luck, mamas, ‘cause my little swimsuit model is about to show you the most insanely adorable summer style. And if these eensy-weensy bathing suits don’t make your uterus ache, those abundant thigh rolls will most definitely do the trick.

In all seriousness though, isn’t she the cutest? I admit, I might be a bit biased, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Sports Illustrated came knockin’ on our door tomorrow. (Can’t tell if that came out cute or creepy? Either way… I’m kidding, of course. Mainly.) This was her first time wearing a bathing suit just a few months ago on our family trip to Florida. (Can we just freeze time for a bit? Pretty please?)

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My girl loves the summer. She has pale skin like her daddy (and she sweats like him too!), but Baby P wants to be outside all the time. The second she starts fussing, I pop out the door with her for some sunshine, fresh air, and alfresco views, and she instantly cheers up. It’s a good thing, too—our family loves spending warm days at the pool and by the beach. So , of course, bathing suits are necessary. And while functional swim diapers and rash guards may be more practical options, my bathing beauty requires a few frilly, silly, and sweet swimsuits too. And these definitely fit the bill, and make me smile and swoon and giggle and gaggle. SQUEAL! I just love those cheeks so much!

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1. Janie and Jack Flamingo-Print Swimsuit and Cap/ 2. Old Navy Polka-Dot Tutu Swimsuit/ 3. Mud-Pie Tutti Fruitti Bikini/ 4. Mud-Pie Crab Applique Bikini/ 5. Penelope Mack Water Lily Swimsuit/ 6. Florence Eiserman Strawberry One-Piece/ 7. Old Navy Chevron-Stripe Swimsuit/ 8. Janie and Jack Rosette Swimsuit and Cap/ 9. babyGap Wavy Bubble Swim One-Piece

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But enough about me… How are you doing? Feeling flushed? Perspiring? Temperature on the rise? Having visions of 10 little fingers, 10 little toes, and endless rolls?... I warned you. Happens every time.

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