Our "Good Brew" Drink Stand

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My son hasn’t quite reached the understanding that his beloved “lemonade stand” is both a seasonal side-business and a more summer-appropriate activity. He insists on setting it up indoors year-round—which means, I’m pretty much 99% of his income October through May. “Another glass, Mommy? That will be $1.” He drives a mean bargain that boy of mine.

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At least I’ve been able to broaden his beverage horizons. I’m not a huge lemonade lover, and so he’s finally come around to serving a few other options. My new favorite? AriZona Good Brew.

Good Brew is a line of iced teas that is all-natural, and made with internationally sourced tea leaves and real sugar—meaning no high fructose corn syrup.

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AriZona Good Brew flavors include Sweet Tea, Unsweet Tea (what I drink the most of—dollar glass, after dollar glass!), Green Tea, Lemon, Peach, and Arnold Palmer (or half-and-half as Grant and I call it).

You can taste the difference. Seriously, I’ll never go back to any old ordinary iced tea. It’s a drink I can feel good about giving my family (and all the neighbors!)—once outdoor “iced-tea stand” season returns in the spring… Until then, I'll be giving all my money to a four year old. But, at least, my thirst will be quenched!

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