5 Dollar Store Must Have Items to Organize Your Closet


Now that Spring has finally sprung, I have no doubt Moms across the globe are knee deep in creating tidy homes, cleaning out closets, giving away too small clothing and tossing out forgotten toys.

Organization once had the stigma of being an expensive undertaking, and while it can be there are also plenty of cost effective items that you can purchase that will completely organize your space and give you peace of mind without breaking the bank. While some of our favorite discount retail stores offer storage solutions, with a little creativity and just a $1 your local dollar store offers great solutions for closet organization.

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Felt Hangers

Hangers can get expensive, at 2 for $1 these hangers are not only good for creating a cohesive closet space but also help your clothing keep its shape.

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Plastic Shoe Boxes

Nothing keeps up clutter and makes things hard to find than storing them in cardboard boxes. Put your shoes, scarves, or other accessories in these clear shoe boxes for easy access and the ability to know where your items are stored with one glance.

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Metal Shower Ring Hooks

With 12 in a pack, shower hooks make a great impact in organizing scarves, ties, belts or other accessories. Simply open the hook and slip onto your closet rod and tie your desired items onto the bottom portion.

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Plastic Storage Bags

These plastic, reusable storage bags come in different sizes up to XXL. The smaller sizes have more than one bag in a box. They can easily store shoes, blankets and sweaters. With an easy to carry handle, packing up out of season clothing and shoes becomes easy. Some stores even carry the vacuum sealed ones, be sure to look out for those as well.

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Collapsible Storage Bins

Fabric storage bins are great for holding purses and other accessories. Placed at the top of the closet and labeled these offer a great solution for storing things that you may not use daily.

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All photos found on Dollartree.com. The Shopping Mama was not paid for this post.

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