How to Treat Skin Issues with Paula's Choice Clear Acne


Adolescence is a beautiful, yet challenging period in a kiddo's life. We all remember how tough those tween, and teen years too, for that matter, can be right? Not feeling confident about your appearance can make those tricky times even harder to get through. And what's the first thing people typically notice about you? It's your skin. Skin issues can decimate anyone's self confidence, but especially tweens and teens. As insurmountable as clearing up something like acne can seem, it's not an unsolvable problem. It's all about finding a system that works and being consistent with it. You'll never regret investing time or funds in your child's self confidence.

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In fact, our tween ambassador had the opportunity to try out the Paula's Choice Clear Acne Kit, a non-irritating skincare line that's never tested on animals. After regularly using the Clear Acne Kit step-by-step system our tester saw noticeable improvement without some of the unpleasant side effects, like dry skin, that can come along with acne treatment. In fact, within a week of use her skin had cleared up and the same for her back. It was clear in just two weeks. And the best part is...she hasn't had a breakout since! It worked fast and efficiently, prevents acne and instantly reduced the appearance of acne while feeling nice and light. Her tips for using it include...Don’t wait until you're too tired and not do it (at night that is)! Consistently apply the acne lotion if you have a breakout - it works! Use all the products morning and night. In her words..."This is by far the best skincare product I've ever used!"

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We also can't say enough about how truly easy the step by step system makes it for kids. Each step is clearly labeled so they know exactly which products to start and end with. And along that same convenience vein, there are products and kits designed for each and every need at a variety of price points ranging from individual $12.00 products to $49.00 kits. Whether you're looking for a travel size or, perhaps, just want to test out the product with a trial set, you're covered.

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Now, don't think you can only get products from Paula's Choice. It's true...They do have an incredibly effective line of products, but you can also use Paula's Choice as a resource to turn to when you have questions about your tween's and teen's skin issues! You'll find things like recommended products, advice for how to set up a skincare routine and more. The joy that you will bring to your child's life by really putting in the effort and researching why kids break out and which products work best for them is priceless!

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