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Top Workout Beauty Tips

Being active has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I wasn't exactly an athlete, but staying fit has always been important to me. So, whether I was running, practicing yoga or sweating it out at boot camps, for at least the past twenty years, fitness has been a priority. That doesn't mean it's always been easy. A major knee injury and a thyroid condition have sometimes made motivation more difficult. But I didn't give up. Even when the scale didn't reflect the effort I was putting in, I kept plugging away and did activities that my body could handle until I was on the road to recovery. And, thankfully, I've been feeling great this whole year. I've been able to run again and am doing so several times a week. And since I've been even more active the past several months, I've found that I'm paying more attention to workout beauty tips and tricks.

Workout Beauty Tips

I'm not a wear-a-face-full-of-makeup-while-I'm-working-out kinda girl, but there are definitely beauty tips that I turn to pre-or-post workout. And I thought you fellow fitness lovin' mamas would be interested in some of the new products that I've been adding to my workout beauty tips arsenal... So, I'm sharing a few of my favorites from e.l.f. today. I'm talking must haves that you can apply before AND after your workout! And the best part is, they're both effective and budget friendly. That leaves more room for that spendy lippy you've been coveting. Bwah!

hydration stick

Workout Ready Hydration Stick: Winter is coming and with it comes dehdrated skin. Wearing a moisturizing product that won't sweat off will make your winter workouts so much more comfortable!

brow gel

Sweat Resistant Mascara and Brow Duo: It's true that I don't apply a full face of makeup before I work out, but my brows are at least take care of, and I want those babies to stay put. Ha!

cooling spray
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Post-Workout Cool Down Mist: Even when it's cold out, I come in from a run steaming hot and a nice cool down mist really hits the spot! And I love that this mist plays double duty. You can set your makeup with it too.

cleansing wipes

Post Workout Cleansing Body Wipes: I keep cleansing wipes in my bag and in every bathroom in my house. That way I can easily freshen up if I have to run out without showering!

Now that you've seen my top workout beauty tips, why not check out some more tricks HERE. I shared how to wear red lips, one of my favorite winter beauty looks!

workout beauty tips

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