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I'm a Florida girl through and through, but you'd never know it by looking at my skin. I'm as pale as they come and I'm ok with it because it means I really protect my skin from the sun. The only way this girl can get tan is to work at it and being that I'm not interested in prematurely aging my skin or risking skin cancer, "working" on my tan is not going to happen. Lucky for me there a slew of sunless tanner options out there and they just keep getting better and more effective with each passing year.

So, just in case you feel the same way I do about exposing your skin to too much sun, I've rounded up some fabulous new sunless tanners to try out. I've alway found that finding the perfect sunless tanner is very personal. Everyone's skin reacts differently and while recommendations are great, you aren't really going to know which one works best on your skin until you give some a test drive. It might take a little trial and error, but you're bound to find a sunless tanner that works for you! And it's my job to give you options, so here are some to try:


VersaSpa: This brand offers a Gradual Tanning Sun Butter and Gradual Tanning Facial Moisturizer that are perfect for fair skinned girls like myself who fear the dreaded orange look. The word gradual is key! You can build your color slowly.

skinny tan

Skinny Tan: This 7-Day Tanner has a more instant effect, but deepens over the course of a week. My favorite take away is its ability to camouflage cellulite. I've been putting in time at the gym, but genetics have left some dimples. Haha!

mystic tan

Mystic Tan: Worried about orange palms? Why not try a spray sunless tanner? Sun-Kyssed Bronzer can give you the glow you're after and your hands don't have to touch the product at all thanks to the convenient spray can! This "color" is meant for deeper skin tones though, so if you're fair like moi, you're better off with their Mocha-Kyssed Bronzer.

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